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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Taking Flight with Little Girl Blue

“Little Girl Blue” is a work in progress that definitely has taken on a life of its own। The 17 characters I portray continue to grow and evolve. My vision for “Little Girl Blue” continues to grow and evolve as well. Through the voice of my character “Wise Woman,” (pictured here), I find that the universe has opened me up to suggestions for what the next logical steps should be. By actively following this quest, I recently attended a very informative and uplifting seminar,
“Get Your Show Off the Ground,” presented by Ken Davenport, Broadway Producer and author of the blog: The Producers’ Perspective. So instead of going forth on autopilot as I usually do this time of year in anticipation of the Philly Fringe Festival coming up in the fall, I am taking a step back to figure out how to expand the horizons (and audience) for the show outside of my comfort zone. As a result of Ken’s seminar, I’ve been exposed to lots of options that I am currently following up on. I have been given fresh wings to fly off in another direction. Can’t wait to see where “Little Girl Blue” lands next.
Asante Sana. Peace & Blessings Always