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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


"Pink Sunrise @ Overbrook" is one of the photos that appeared in my exhibit, "The Art of Nature"
I am grateful for
The loves in my life and the
Passions that drive me.

Monday, March 30, 2015

“Sacred Blessings”

"Sacred Sunset Blesses the Day" Pheralyn Dove Image
I learn new lessons
each and every day, on this
journey we call life.

I woke up this morning. I am blessed. I have my health and strength.  I am blessed.  I am connected to family and friends. I am blessed. I said my prayers for healing and redemption.  I am blessed. I paid a few bills today.  I am blessed. I took a walk today.  I am blessed. I engaged in my craft of writing today.  I am blessed.  I learned something new today.  I am blessed. I open my heart to love and forgiveness.  I am blessed. I am blessed.  I am blessed.  I am blessed. I trust and pray you are blessed too. Asante Sana. Peace & Blessings Always.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Glorious New Spring

"Glorious New Spring" Pheralyn Dove Image
The first signs of Spring
fill me with optimism,
peace, love, hope and joy.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ever So Thankful

Me, Mom & Dad at "Art of Nature" Photography Show Opening March 2015
The gift of having
Elders in my life is way
too precious for words.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Rare Celestial Event:Solar Eclipse, New Spring, Super Moon,& Sun Ra!

Homer Jackson snapped this pic of me during the Sun Ra Mixtape Recording Session

The New Spring is here!
Welcome this awesome chance to
Live in Peace and Joy.

Recently I was humbled to contribute a poem to a recording that will commemorate the life and legacy of Sun Ra, the master musician, mystic, intellectual, thought leader and cosmic force behind the Sun Ra Arkestra.  It is being curated and produced by Homer Jackson - a prolific artist across genres in his own right, and  director of the Philadelphia Jazz Project.   The “Sun Ra Mixtape” project’s recording engineer and co-producer is the amazing musician and culture-bearer Anthony Tidd. 
Producer Homer Jackson is the creative force behind the Sun Ra Mixtape Project
It was dreamy working in the studio with these guys. I felt so honored.  It was a day I will never forget.  I wore my Sun Ra sweat shirt to mark the occasion.  The recording will be released to coincide with Sun Ra’s birthday on May 22nd.  (I will keep you posted.)   This pre-spring recording session is just one of a number of artistic activities I find myself immersed in as we mark this space in time. My photography exhibit, “The Art of Nature,” will hold forth at the Gold Standard Café in West Philadelphia through the end of the month and as time progresses, I will unveil a number of other creative projects I am in the midst of preparing.  I feel so grateful. Just to be alive to witness this day and to know I am working towards my goals as an artist.
Anthony Tidd is an amazing musician who is also a recording engineer and producer.
With each new day comes fresh opportunities and challenges.  The New Spring dawned today.  It arrived with a rare celestial event that marked the Vernal Equinox along with the confluence of an Eclipse and New Super Moon.  As the earth rotates around all of these celestial signs, I am aware of my own internal signs that are marking this stage of my development. I am taking this moment to set intentions for myself, to make changes in my thoughts and behavior, to accentuate what I love in my life, and release what is not working for me.  

I rose this morning before daybreak, grabbed my camera and rushed outside with every intention of photographing the new moon, but the sky was so cloudy the moon wasn’t visible. But I knew it was there. And that was enough. It’s like so many aspects of our lives as we soldier along on this journey. Our success is just around the corner. We don’t quite yet have the material proof of it, yet we know it is there.  However it is the journey itself that makes these lives we are living so special.  Just like the Sun Ra Mixtape. It’s not here yet, but I know it is coming.  I can’t see it, but I know it’s there. Being a part of the incubation process is just as special as being a part of the finished product.  Again, it’s all about the journey.

It is joyful for me to realize I made it through another winter -  lived to experience another New Spring. The change of seasons is a blessed time for me.  I feel so encouraged.  I hope and pray you can say the same.  And please remember:
The New Spring is here!
Welcome this awesome chance to
Live in Peace and Joy.

Friday, March 13, 2015


"Peace & Blessings" is featured in my photo exhibit, "The Art of Nature"
Treasure each step of
the journey. Each step is a
unique precious jewel.

My photography show is featured in the Philadelphia Tribune. Please click on the link below.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Nature’s Blessings

Here I am at the opening of "The Art of Nature" Exhibit

Grasp onto all the
Blessings that come your way and
Be grateful for them.

"Promise" is one of my signature photographs in "The Art of Nature"
  The recent opening for my very first art exhibit was an awesome experience. "The Art of Nature" is comprised of 22 nature photographs I have captured over the years.  So many people came out to show me support and express their love. I am so grateful.  
Judy Lamirand organizes all of the exhibits at the Gold Standard Cafe.
 For those of you in the Philadelphia region, the exhibit continues through March 31st at the Gold Standard Café, 4800 Baltimore Avenue.   
My dear friend Denys Davis designed the layout and hung the show.

Denys is an Interior Designer and host of Indaga Home
This creative milestone represents a significant step on this quest to become more of myself. It is an expression of faith on my "sacred journey to self love."  And it could not have been possible without all of the people who contributed to make it a success. 
(And there were many!)
Jimmy Lewis (the renowned ice skating coach) joined us at the opening.
Asante Sana.
Peace, Love & Blessings Always.