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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Winter Solstice Haiku and Reflections

Winter Wonderland: A photo I took in Overbrook after a Snow Fall 
When I left the house on Saturday afternoon, it was windy and cold, however no precipitation was falling. My block, as you see here in this photo, looked like winter wonderland. Yet the moon was almost full by the time I walked home through the falling snow, as evening fell around my shoulders. It was quite a lovely scene here in the Overbrook section of West Philadelphia.

Beautiful. Tranquil. Serene.

In two more days, the actual full moon will be in effect, and on Saturday, December 21st at 12:11 p.m., the Winter Solstice will descend upon those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. I absolutely adore this time of year, while so many others hate the cold weather that is typical in the Mid-Atlantic states. But I always feel optimistic as the old year runs out and the new year rings in.  I hope this change of seasons gives you pause to reflect, meditate, and contemplate positive change. Here are some Haiku verses I wrote in anticipation of the Winter Solstice.

While others curse and
scorn winter, I marvel in
its stark cold beauty.

Joy surges through me
as the fresh snow flakes dance and
swirl around my face.

I feel a certain
peace in knowing the earth is
preparing for Spring.

Asante Sana. Peace and Blessings Always

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