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Monday, September 1, 2014

“Beauty Right Here In Our Midst”

"Sunny Blooms" photo by Pheralyn Dove
Look around. There is
so much beauty on this earth
to appreciate.

Writing poetry is a soothing, soulful part of my day, a time when I meditate and reflect – sometimes on the status quo but more often, a time to reflect on beauty. I pause, grasp my pen, clear my mind and think about something beautiful, positive and inspirational to write about. Sure, there are enough heavy realities any conscious Black poet feels a responsibility to expose, and believe me, I address these issues with all due respect. But in the mornings, when I’m starting my day, I feel this tremendous need to reflect on the positive and seek out beauty. These sojourns have worked themselves into a practice I refer to as my “Daily Haiku.”

Another daily ritual is taking a long walk (often as a warm up before my jog.) I always carry my camera along during these moving meditations and take nature photos, which I combine with my Haiku and post to my blog.   I also spend some time each day working on my personal development. This may take the form of reading, repeating affirmations, listening to a podcast, tapping on the meridian points on my body or concentrating on my thought patterns. Peace and calm result from these rituals. So even if I experience moments of angst and frustration as I go about the business of my day, I can bring myself back to a place of solace by simply going over these rituals in my mind, reminding myself that there is an immense well of gratitude that always resides in my heart. Asante Sana. Peace and Blessings Always.

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