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Friday, June 27, 2014

“Timeless Beauty, Ageless Grace”

"Sister Spirit, Sister Love"
Esther D. Dove - Age 86 & Rhoda Dingle, Age 84
She’s an amazing,
wise, virtuoso of life.
She’s my Aunt Rhoda.
 On June 27, 2014, an extraordinary woman by the name of Rhoda Dingle celebrated 84 years of grace, beauty, wisdom. She’s a griot, constantly re-telling the histories, the stories of the past. She’s an educator, an intellectual. She’s love and devotion exemplified. She’s a brilliant aesthete, a discerning connoisseur of art and culture. She’s a reverent Woman of God. She’s my Mother’s sister. She’s my Aunt Rhoda. Happy Birthday, Auntie.  Love You!

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  1. Did Ms.Dingle teach at Kirkwood Elementary school?


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