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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

“Create Your Best Life”

"Winter Grace" Pheralyn Dove Image
Center yourself for
a morning ritual. Live
life with intention.

One of the ways to get what you want out of life is to live on purpose. A way to live on purpose is to plan a morning ritual that will empower you and keep you inspired for the rest of the day. Some people meditate. Others choose to exercise, write down their plans, repeat affirmations, drink green juice or carry out any number of combinations of peaceful, healthy activities. What they have in common is that these rituals are all designed to increase well-being and productivity. I find that I am at my best when I follow my own self-imposed morning routine. Starting with intention always yields a more tranquil and infinitely more productive day ahead. I like to rise before daybreak and get my energy flowing in a focused direction. I call this my “golden hour.” What about you? Are there any morning rituals you engage in to help you live a more meaningful life?

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