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Monday, March 3, 2014

"Do You"

"Ducks Floating Down the Stream" photo by Pheralyn Dove
Take time for yourself.
Find your personal freedom.
Unleash your power.

Ever feel out of sorts, unfocused? Ever get that feeling like you’re wandering around aimlessly, lost in the wilderness? I do. Sometimes I am absolutely overwhelmed from all the activities and responsibilities in my life. I rush to get my day started and keep pushing until finally, exhausted, I collapse at the end of the day, only to realize I barely took enough time to get my prayers in, let alone meditate, exercise, eat right or engage in my creative passions. Busy does not always mean productive.

When this happens, when I catch myself being all caught up, I know it’s time for a walk in nature, a jog around the track, some fresh leafy greens and more than a few meaningful moments in prayer, gratitude and meditation. Once I take care of myself in this personal way, I am ready to face the world. I can tackle the tasks at hand and discipline myself properly so there is time enough to “get it all in.” Once I am restored, I can be loving, giving and responsible, not only to myself, but to others as well. These precious moments of purposeful, intentional solitude put me at the seat of my most powerful self. What about you? Have you taken time for yourself lately?

Asante Sana. Peace and Blessings Always.

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